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Delivering medical device innovation across the NHS and Private Sector within the United Kingdom

Innovative healthcare made simple.

We work with carefully selected partners from around the globe to bring innovative, affordable products which add value to both clinicians and patients.

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A full and versatile portfolio of implants, sutures and instrumentation for addressing Rotator Cuff injury, Shoulder Instability and AC Joint Fixation.


Implants, disposables and instrumentation for knee surgery including ACL Reconstruction and Meniscal Repair.


A range of implants and disposables for small joint surgery offering knotless and knotted suture anchor options.


RSQ HOLO is an augmented operating room, blending holographic imaging and EMR information with the real world. Ditch your old school TV displays and step into the future with the RSQ HOLO system. Augmented reality in healthcare – this is happening now.


Launched in 2021, OrthoAccess offers innovative, cutting edge products at competitive prices.

OrthoAccess was established by its founders after working many years for, and in collaboration with a range of companies from start-ups to FTSE 100 multinationals. We identified a need in the UK market for products that are innovative yet not cost prohibitive.

Providing value for both the patient and the clinician, whilst enabling adoption within the confines of the existing reimbursement systems is not an easy task.

Through carefully selected partners from around the globe and through a lean business model, we know that we can achieve this.

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Why should you choose OrthoAccess?

So many reasons to choose from

Innovation & Quality

We source our products from carefully selected companies from around the globe

Affordable & Responsive

We understand the NHS framework and strive to deliver the best value we can

Great Customer Care

We are a small, agile business, focusing on customer service excellence