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Solid Print Anchor

2.3mm PEEK Anchor for shoulder instability repair surgery

JoinFix All Suture

Combines a small footprint with excellent fixation performance, making it a great option for rotator cuff repair and instability

JoinFix Plus

A radially expanding All-Suture Anchor, offering the benefits of a small, soft anchor combined with excellent fixation strength

Sutures & Suture Passing

WilSuture Ultra Suture

WilSuture is braided from the invincibly tenacious UHMWPE fiber, giving a strong, yet soft multi-purpose suture.

WilSuture Ultra Tape

WilSuture Tape is braided from the invincibly tenacious UHMWPE fiber, offering a smoother surface with knot tying security

Easy Pass Frog

Nitinol design allows for precise suture grasping and easy suture passing. Various angles minimize disruption and offer better access to soft tissue.


TracPort Silicon

Low-profile design to increase working space under arthroscopy

TracPort Thread

Closed structure design to reduce fluid leakage during surgery

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