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Soft Tissue Fixation


GripLoc PEEK 3.5mm

A fully threaded knotless PEEK anchor with a vented design to facilitate bony ingrowth.

HealFix Ti

A titanium suture anchor with high-low double thread design enhancing the pull-out strength.

Healfix Ti Mini

Provides subcortical purchase with outstanding pull-out strength; Smaller size allows comprehensive fixation and restoration of natural footprint

JoinFix All Suture

Combines a small footprint with excellent fixation performance, making it a great option for soft tissue repair.

JoinFix Plus

A radially expanding All-Suture Anchor, offering excellent fixation strength and providing the benefits of a small soft anchor with the characteristics of traditional anchor designs.


WilSuture Ultra Suture

WilSuture is braided from the invincibly tenacious UHMWPE fiber, giving a strong, yet soft multi-purpose suture.

WilSuture Ultra Tape

WilSuture Tape is braided from the invincibly tenacious UHMWPE fiber, offering a smoother surface with knot tying security

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