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Tourniquet Limb Drapes

Tourniquet Limb Drapes

Designed with your patient’s comfort and recovery in mind

Tourniquet drapes

A simple solution to tourniquet-associated complications

A tourniquet drape designed to reduce potential post-op pain and skin issues. Internal soft foam provides optimum padding between the tourniquet cuff and patient’s skin, whilst the adhesive strip and hydrophilic material prevents fluid from leaking between the patient and tourniquet cuff.

The drape also folds back over the tourniquet cuff to keep it clean. Latex Free. Available in both large and small sizes for upper and lower limb procedures.

Cost Effective

Orthopaedic surgical site infection prolongs hospital stay by a median of 2 weeks per patient, doubles re-hospitalization rates, and can increase healthcare costs by 300%.1

Using the Tourniquet Limb Drape can help to mitigate these costs by reducing the risk of tourniquet-related injuries and keeping tourniquet cuffs clean.

Patient Safety

Complications have been reported as a consequence of tourniquet application. These include skin abrasions, blisters and breaks.2

The impermeable material of the Tourniquet Drape keeps moisture away from skin and the adhesive strip stops fluid leaking beneath the tourniquet.

Comfort & Fit

Lower skin complication rates when compared to using a tourniquet without skin protection.2

As well as having hydrophillic properties, the Tourniquet Drapes have a soft, padded foam section that gives added comfort to the patient. They are latex free and available in small and large sizes.

Ordering Information

Product CodeProduct DescriptionSize cmPack Size
18-2001Tourniquet Limb Drape Large45 x 80100
18-2002Tourniquet Limb Drape Small32.5 x 55100


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